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Available in several

ecxl. tax € 98,00

GALILEO is the ultimate ligature for mouthpieces. It is made in Italy as usual at CG Mouthpiece. The reed is free to vibrate along the whole fibers length of which GALILEO ligature takes into account.

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Unequaled tone richness!

ecxl. tax € 315,00

The Amalfi model is inspired by a traditional warm and full-bodied sound of the old vintage mouthpieces but with in addition the typical projection of the most modern mouthpieces. Its timbre is warm, full-bodied, powerful and very homogeneous along the range of the horn.

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Available in two versions: medium and small chamber

ecxl. tax€ 259,00 € 309.00

It recalls the brightness of the sound of the best vintage Meyer, powerful and homogenous throughout the register of the instrument.

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